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EDCD Waiver Process

What is the Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus Waiver  Waiver?

The CCC Plus Waiver is a Medicaid funded program for the elderly and persons of all ages with disabilities.  Under waiver services individuals can choices to receive services in their homes. If the individual would like to hire their own staff to provide care for them. These services are called  Consumer Directed Services.

Admission Process- Two Parts

Step 1:   Contact your local Social Services to schedule an appointment with a Family Services Specialist to assess you needs for services.  The Department. of Social Services works in collaboration  with the Virginia Health Department.  The Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) is used to determine eligibility for waiver.

Step 2:  Apply for Medicaid using any of the following methods

  1. Online – CommonHelp ( – Apply for Assistance.
  2. Or Call (855) 242-8282 (available in English and Spanish) to apply for long-term care benefits.
  3. On paper – Bring a completed Medicaid application for Adult Medicaid and Appendix D to your Local Department of Social Services (DSS) and request a screening for Long Term Care.